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  GRIDS of Consciousness UnificationTM - Group Responsibility In Divine Structure, Guidebook for Unified Effort - Multi-dimensional Multi-Tasking Connections To The Divine Plan

A compilation work, including written guidelines, audio tape or CD and distributed through COTC SeminarsTM An experiential exercise for individuals seeking to understand how to integrate personal dedication, with the multidimensional consciousness network already established over aeons of time, now activating the quantum transformation of humanity and our Beloved Planet Earth.

GRIDS of Consciousness UnificationTM demonstrates how you may amplify your individual effort, by consciously synchronizing within the Divine Plan, on all Planes and Dimensions, in all Space and Time.

GRIDS SeminarTM - available by contractual agreement for large or small organizations. From the level of two or more individuals to large organizational structures. For participants willing to set aside all preconceived ideas and seek collective guidance through alignment within the Divine Plan, what steps are to be taken to manifest the Greatest Good for the Whole of Creation. COTC Path SeminarTM - May also be scheduled by appointment, small or large gatherings of individuals, ministers, dedicated individuals who recognize and adhere in living universal love and respect for all thinking-thought beings in form. Participation will implement understanding of the conceptualizations and practices of living as a Church, individuals and collectively within the Body of our Lord Redeemer, the unfolding Programs of the Office Of The Christ. For further details, other expressions visit Our COTC Home Page and use the Contact COTC Form to request Hosting of COTC SeminarsTM